Andrew Revering
St. Joseph, MN June 10, 2005
KSTP Video Clip

At 2:00 a tornado warning was issued for Redwood county for funnel clouds that were sighted. I was shopping at Circuit City and the KSTP assignment desk calls me asking what I was doing. I was like... um... shopping. Doug headed out to the cell in hopes to get a tornado while I went about my business.

I got my new video card installed (to use GRLevel3) and prepared to go to a party in Buffalo when my roommate Beau and I noticed a wall cloud off to the west (per a tip from Meredith Lindrud). We decided to check it out quick before we went to the party, and of course did bring cameras with 'just in case'.

We went west just a few miles to I-94 and 2 south of Saint Joseph and sure enough we had a little needle condensation tornado that appeared to touch the ground. Shortly thereafter a rather largely condensed funnel drops and condensation rotates and rises from the ground. Then a 3rd. We couldn't believe 3 very weak, brief touchdowns on a day that neither one of us had a clue would be a possibility, within 10 miles of home. The National Weather Service counted this as 3 tornado touchdowns after viewing the video footage, no damage was reported.

Storm Reports

A fourth tornado was reported in Sartell, and a funnel cloud in Belgrade. All tornadoes were rated F0.