Andrew Revering
Northfield, MN May 9, 2001
Around 2:45 I sent an email out to my storm chaser email list, MN-Chase, that my target would be near Northfield on 35 and 19. At 4 p.m. or so I left work, headed home to grab my gear and drove south on 35 to 19. Once there I stopped at the Conoco for data. I noticed a cell that blew up to my west near Hutchinson. I decided to leave my location to intercept this storm.

Heading west on 19 I met up with 13 and went north to Jordan. Here is where I stopped for more data as I was begining to hear of reports of funnels and touchdowns just to my west in Carver county. Being able to see what looked like a disorganized inflow area, I went just south of Jordan and up some gravel road to set up shop. From there I videotaped a very nice rain-foot and very nice cloud formations just to the SE of the core. After a little bit I decided this was not the place to be so I headed back to 169 while hearing of spotters reporting touchdowns in the area to my north.

In an effort to get around the supercell I went south on 169 when I spotted a large detached cloud/scud with 4 funnels rapidly forming out of it. After seing this I bolted further east on 7, at this point major inflow was taking shape as dust from the fields were rolling up off of them, across for maybe half a mile and straight up into the cloud with the funnels, although currently not visible. The area did not rotate and being the distance the dust was traveling across the fields (horizontally along the surface) I attributed this to inflow and not a tornado. No rotation was apparent.

With this behind me I was driving fast down 7 when I hit 19. From here I had the inflow area to my west and the core now to my NW soon to be east.... I decided to go under the inflow area to get behind the thing. With rapid rotation now visible above me I gunned it to get to the other side before something dropped. Luckily I made it in time.

Now on the other side of the inflow, I could clearly see that this was a wall cloud which was not something I could decipher from my previous location. I turned around and slowly followed it east. As I did the storm seemed to accellerate. It begain to get away from me but as I was going down 19 it turns from north to south for a mile or two. From this location I could see the tornado that touched down in Northfield. It was around 13 miles to my east. I was unable to capture a picture of this tornado.

Once I reached Northfield, the tornado path was obvious. Damage included overturn tractor-trailer on the east side of town, a colapsed turkey barn, destroyed homes, and large trees down, cut off high up and uprooted. The tornado touched down from 1-3 miles from my initial target location.