Andrew Revering
Murdock, MN May 18, 2005
Ok, so Weds morning I started out in Sioux Falls and stole a milk from Super 8 and went on my way, Decided I'd go to Worthington and get data there since initially Worthington area would be a good start.

So I got to Worthington and went into the Arby's connected to my cell phone for data and found that I liked the Marshall area. I was initially thinking Willmar but fine tuned it to Marshall.

so I'm driving north on .. um.. whatever it is.. 53 or something and Rob calls me. We start to talkin and I go online while driving. Fine tuning to somewhere between Montevideo and Benson, leaning more and more to Benson.

So I get to Montevideo and I see a base.

I call Rob and saw on radar a couple blips. One up on the Stevens/Grant county line which appealed to me. So I called Rob to see if he thought I should go north or stick with this new base. During the conversation I convinced myself I wanted to stay there. So just north of Montevideo near Milan I stopped on a gravel road for a little while and watched as it developed and morphed. I had radar and saw it redevelop farther south.

So I went east out of Milan to catch it as it moved northeast, now some 55 dbz or so on radar.

There is where I found an amazing inflow tail developing into a wall cloud. This tail just condensed and was screaming to the north out of nowwhere. This video I uploaded to KSTP but I dont think they used it cause the tornado footage was better. But this was REALLY cool stuff. I had to pan to get the whole tail and then when it hit the wall cloud it screamed straight up and curled because of the momentum.

There was some rising condensing going on farther to the south but this cell eventually died.

I went east and then south toward Granite Falls next as a new cell was developing. Northeast of Granite Falls I saw a pretty flat, dry base with a very big wet core, but nothing of too much interest to see there. Just prettyness. Had a neat updraft tower which I think was some video KSTP used briefly.

So at this point I had a couple packages of video to send to KSTP, I had already edited the Milan footage ready for upload. Just had to decide to keep chasing or upload. Rob wanted stuff for 6pm if possible.

I ended up keeping on the chase for a bit, so I followed this storm which didnt show me anything interesting until it died in Willmar.

At Willmar I stopped at the McDonalds to upload. Only got the 1st package from Milan uploaded when tornado warnings were being issued for Stevens county.

I was on the phone with Rob, and he was on his way home at that point, and he's like damn, "I gotta go back to work!" when I told him.

So I finished my upload, and in like 3 minutes later and was off heading west on 12.

At this point MPX radar was down so I had no real way to navigate to where the storms were. The sky was overcast so I couldnt go visual. We depended on Rob's radar at KSTP to get me there. I went west on CR 16 out of Kirkhoven until I saw the flat updraft base.

This base had a lot of nice motion, but there wern't any real lowerings of interest, and the base was kind of broad.

So this base had motion and whatnot but I didnt see much to videotape. I went east cause it was about to eat me, and as I did I could see a new base on the other side of a new, small rain core to the south. This base was much smaller, but had a lot of 'danglies' which seemed to be moving pretty fast. So I was inticed to go south on 33, south of Murdock.

It wasn't more than a matter of seconds when this wall cloud sped up like crazy.

It was amazing to watch because you could see the rain starting to descend through it just as rotation picked up. I think that had something to do with it.

10 seconds from rapid rotation to touchdown. The funnel condensed to the ground quite quickly. 1.5 minutes later it lifted.

The whole rain core that just dropped was now appraoching me, about to obscure my visibility and perhaps hail on me, so I needed to get out of there for fear of more of these tornadoes without visibility.

So I turned around quick, picked up the phone to call NWS, and just as I did Rob called.. not sure what he wanted cause I interrupted him to tell him I just saw a tornado. He had Dave Dahl call it in to NWS.

I went north and west on CR 16 to punch through the core quick before it got too bad. That was pretty much the end of the chase then.

I then went to Willmar following behind the storm to upload the video to KSTP. Doug Kiesling met me at the McDonalds there so we could slap together my video and his real quick and get it to them for the 10:00 news.

Rob wanted me to do a phone interview of sorts for the clip.. so they recorded me talking about the storm, but I wasn't excited enough for them. They ended up using a bit of me talking, but I wasnt very excited... just my personality I guess. Rob was like... I want you to swear! We'll bleep it out.

Report logged by the National Weather Service:

0730 PM TORNADO 4 S MURDOCK 45.17N 95.39W

KSTP Video Clip