Andrew Revering
Montevideo, MN June 10, 2002

After having orientation for preparation to attend St. Cloud State to pursue my Meteorology degree, I received a call from Melanie Metz who was with Peggy Willenberg and Rob Koch (from KSTP) who were heading west near St. Cloud preparing to chase. Although the setup looked linear and slight, my already being in St. Cloud made me decide to give it a try anyway. Plus, it was going to be nice to chase with Peggy Willenberg, Mel Metz, Rob Koch, and Meredith Lindrud, who we teamed up with a few miles down the road.

We headed west-southwest from Sauk Center, MN and then south on 59 west of there to try to intercept a broken line of storms. We managed to get on the southern edge of the northern segment to find a very nice area of inflow under an updraft region.

As we continued to watch this just east of Montevideo, we were able to notice the scud and detatched lowerings begining to get attached and form a very nice wall cloud that persisted for some time. This is something I was not expecting to see today, at the end of a squall line even.

On the way back home, we stopped in Willmar to eat at a Green Mill. Good pizza. After we filled our bellies, we had an amazing light show with CGs popping all around us. There were anvil crawlers, pulsating CGs, cloud to clouds that spidered across the sky. It was quite an amazing show. It got a little redundant and nerve-wracking by the time we got back in the metro though. Severe storms for Wright county on eastward as I followed the storms to my apartment. Listening to the skywarn net someone reported a funnel near Waconia, some minor street flooding, wind gusts to 64 mph, and small hail from this bowing line moving through the metro.