Andrew Revering
Long Prairie, MN, July 23, 2004
There was quite a northern light's show tonight. Doug Kiesling gave me a call about midnight saying that he was seeing quite a show. Alex Sahlberg up in Duluth said he was seeing some greens on the south side of town. So I decided to head out, but being in St. Cloud I had to get quite a ways away from the light pollution.

I drove around for a couple hours until I found a nice, dark place. It was the perfect spot for viewing northern lights. I always wanted to get some shots of northern lights with a lake reflecting them. So I wanted to find a lake with a boat launch on the southern side where I could look north over the lake. I found one about 8 miles east of Long Prairie.

I arrived about 2 a.m. For the first half hour the lights were vivid but it was more of a static, diffuse light. I took several pictures and then decided to pack up and leave. When I got in the vehicle and started the engine I noticed that the lights got much more vivid and now were dancing around like crazy. They began to get in the often photographed bar ray formation. Then there would be shadows that would rapidly run parallel through the bar giving it the dancing effect. I stayed in that spot for a little over an hour, and left a little after 3 a.m. Below are 12 of the better photographs I was able to take.