Andrew Revering
Julian, NE April 15, 2006
Myself, Shawn Hewitt and my girlfriend Vanessa saw the Julian tornado off in the distance, but we were probably 7-9 miles from it so we didn't get any pictures. We spent too much time staring at it trying to confirm what we thought we were seeing. After we heard the reports, talked to John Wetter, and saw Joel's video of it closer up, we realized that is exactly what we saw.

Oh well.

The worms on the Interstate in the heavy rain on the way back were incredible. Huge night crawlers covering the road. Nasty stuff.

This tornado touched down in far southern Otoe county around 11 miles south of Nebraska City, or around 1 mile east northeast of Julian. Julian is in Nemaha county and just south of the Otoe county line. The touchdown was near County Road S and Highway 75. The tornado caused f1 damage to a house in this vicinity and then tracked around 2.5 miles before lifting around 9 miles south of Nebraska City or about 2 to 3 miles northeast of Julian near county road Q and Highway 75. The tornado also caused f1 damage to houses near County Road R and Highway 75 and County Road S and Highway 75. Several trees were also toppled onto vehicles destroying them or causing extensive damage. The total path length was about 2.5 miles with an average damage width of 100 yards.