Andrew Revering
Fort Thompson, SD May 17, 2005
So, I decided to go to Mobridge, SD at like 10am Tuesday morning, I got out of St Cloud by 1030 and rolled into Aberdeen. When I was there I found a Super 8 with wifi which worked really well. Got some data and decided to keep heading west to Mobridge.

When in Mobridge I spent an hour looking for wifi that I could connect to, with no luck. After that venture I realized that I need to stick to using hotels, truck stops and restaurant service and whatnot for data. Without any data, I called Doug and decided to head south for a while. Eventually ran into some severe storms near Fort Thompson. They were moving north pretty fast, like 40 MPH and I was heading south at like 70, so I was quickly coming up on them. Then all of the sudden I heard reports of wind damage with gusts over 60 MPH. That didnt sound too appealing so I decided to turn east and get the hell out of the way. This thing was outflow crazy. It chased ME down 34 through Woonsocket before it started to calm down and I got ahead of it a bit, but really it chased me all the way in to Sioux Falls.

I didnt report any of those wind gusts:

But I believe it. I was racing to stay ahead/get out of it and the combination of the vehicle's momentum and the winds hitting the truck broad side allowed the storm to lift my truck a bit. I was white knuckling for a while there (about 3 hours I think) as it was obvious that the upwind side of my truck was much higher in the air than the driver side. I'd like to think it was cause of all the fast food I ate, but I think it was due to the wind.

I did get a few small pieces of hail along 34. The shelf was pretty scary looking and there were a few outflow dust plumes kicked up in front of me. One suspiciously began to rotate, so I think we could consider that a gustnado. Given my panic to get out of the 60 mph winds for such an extended period, I was *very* happy that I didnt have to deal with a tornado on top of that.

so I got to Sioux Falls, I slept at the Super 8 there cause I detected they had Wifi, and then ate over at the Fryin' Pan restaurant. I stayed up a bit, did some emailin, went to bed exhausted. Crazy bastard cleaning ladies piss me off tho. Talkin so loud and bangin and just carrying on like crazy outside my door for like 2 hours before I wanted to get up. I had a do not disturb thing on my door, but they didnt seem to care how loud they were.