Andrew Revering
Elkton, SD June 13, 2001
Colin Dunn and myself left Minneapolis around 12:30 p.m. with a target of Worthington, MN. Once in Worthington we decided to head NNW. As we did we met up with a developing supercell on the South Dakota side a ways north of Sioux Falls. The storm was moving to the NNE at around 30 MPH.

We were able to get around the south side and eventually followed up the west side of it as we watched a wall cloud develop. Following the storm NNE we were able to view a nice funnel forming west of Elkton, SD. While we maneuvered closer to the funnel we watched it slowly form half way to the ground and then touch down just as it got to the Minnesota line on Highway 14.

Location of touchdown at ~7:10 p.m. On ground for 5 minutes.
Just NE of Elkton, SD on Highway 14 just on the Minnesota side.
About 1.5 miles NE of Elkton. (verified and marked with GPS)
Southwestern Lincoln County, MN.

The tornado was on the ground for about 5 minutes. It was a perfect condensation rope that touched down "roped out" initially, then straightened out and dissipated. It was a beautiful white from our location just to its west by about 1/4 to 1/2 mile with a nice debris cloud at the base as it rolled across the farm fields crossing from the south side of 14 moving north to the other side of 14 before dissipating. There was no damage from what we could see. No structures in the area except one little bar which was just west of the tornado touchdown. No damage.

Event Record Details

Event: Tornado 
Begin Date: 13 Jun 2001, 07:46:00 PM CST 
Begin Location: 8 Miles West of Lake Benton 
Begin LAT/LON: 4415'N / 9628'W 
End Date: 13 Jun 2001, 07:50:00 PM CST 
End Location: 7 Miles West North West of Lake Benton 
End LAT/LON: 4415'N / 9626'W 
Length: 2 Miles  
Width: 100 Yards 
Magnitude: F1 
Fatalities: 0 
Injuries: 0 
Property Damage: $ 2.0K 
Crop Damage: $ 0.0  
County: Lincoln  

A tornado which formed just west of the state line crossed into Minnesota and immediately destroyed two outbuildings on a farm near highway 14. Debris from the outbuildings was stretched over one and a half miles.