Andrew Revering
Badger, SD May 2, 2006
Forecast Discussion made May 1st. At 419 p.m. I made it to Brookings. After looking at mesoanalysis and the sky conditions, I still liked the way things were pooling in the area. By now some hailing thunderstorms had fired well to the south of Sioux Falls, but I opted not to go for those, which I was grateful for.

By 4:49 p.m. HCRS were evident on satellite; and by 5:10 a few shower blips were showing up on radar in Kingsbury County. As I sat in Brookings seeing the towers go up to my NNW, and seeing the blips on radar, I decided to head towards them.

As I was heading west, I could see the base of this storm. It looked a little elevated but promising. Very isolated and had a nice hard updraft. To my surprise I could clearly see a funnel coming out of this base after a few more miles. The tornado dropped and was on the ground for about 5 minutes. Touchdown was about 6:20 p.m.

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