Monday May 26, 2003 - Colorado - 2 Tornado Touchdowns


Click here for a more detailed blowup map.
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Spending the night in Roswell, NM, we couldn't resist to tool around town to see what kind of quirky alien 'things' they had.

After a morning touristy drive around Roswell, we headed north with the intent to get to the Pueblo, CO area where we saw the dew points were in the mid to upper 50s and best chance of severe weather was. Along the drive north we enjoyed the mountains to our west and stopped at Raton, NM at the Raton Mesa where we took in the scenic overlook.

Once in Colorado we passed up Blake Naftel and Tempest Tours. We chatted for a bit on the Ham Radio as we approached a cell north of Pueblo. We parted ways with Blake and Tempest as we stopped in Pueblo to fill up gas for the chase in Pueblo. We could see a cell just east of Pueblo which had a nice updraft but was clearly not quite what we wanted.

We continued east and northeast to just south of Limon, CO where we observed 2 brief tornado touchdowns on a tornado warned cell. This produced such a brief set of touchdowns for the same reason that it died so fast... extremely fast punch of RFD accellerated the inflow but just as fast cut it off and the storm became outflow dominant and eventually died. It was non-severe no more than 15 minutes after touchdown. Because it all happened so fast, we didn't get any pictures of these brief touchdowns.

That night we went east to Stratton, CO in an effort to be in position for the next day. We at at the Best Western Restaurant where we stayed at the Best Western.